General symbols:
SPH/Power: SPHERE power. It indicates the amount of lens power prescribed for nearsightedness (-) or farsightedness (+)
BC: Base curve radius
DIA: Diameter
CYLINDER: the degree of astigmatism
AXIS: The direction of astigmatism, measured in degrees
ADD: Power of presbyopia
Can use glasses prescriptions when ordering contact lens?
Contact lens and glasses prescriptions are not interchangeable, therefore you should not use your glasses prescription when ordering contact lenses.
If you're not 100% sure we'd recommend you contact your optician to make sure you're using the correct prescription for your order.
Does contact lens with power/prescription?
Most of our contact lenses are available with and without power/prescription, it depends on different product.
Can still wear contact lens without astigmatism?
If you wear contact lens without astigmatism, it might cause some inconvenience in your daily life. We sincerely suggest you need to wear contact lenses with astigmatism. We suggest you to check with professional doctor beforehand before ordering.
Can use eye drops while using contact lens?
Please consult an optician if you want to use eye drops other than the ones described as "can be used when using soft contact lenses", such as artificial tears (including color lenses).
Why should you pay attention to the BC of lens (Base Curve)?
Customers must pay attention to the lens base curve when buying contact lenses. Lens base curse must be similar to the user's cornea so the cornea can get enough oxygen and function normally. Be careful of that too loose or too tight lenses may cause harm to the eyes.
Is there any danger of wearing contact lenses?
Number of people wearing contact lenses every day with few accidents, if you purchase genuine products through a reliable retailer and with a reasonable use of product description, contact lenses are save to use.
Is it easy to clean contact lenses?
The time on cleaning the contact lenses spend is not more than the time to clean the framed glasses. However, contact lens must be sterile under disinfection syrup, cannot be mixed with other liquids, including tap water. If you want to skip the cleaning process, you may consider daily disposal contact lenses. You may dispose daily after use. It is not necessary to clean every day.